Our Story

Who are we?

Beijing liuyi Biotechnology Co., Ltd (Liuyi Biotech) is a leading and the biggest processional manufacture specializing in making electrophoresis instruments. The former of Liuyi Biotech is Beijing Liuyi Instrument Factory, which is founded in 1970 with more than 50 years history. Since 1970, Liuyi Biotech has been focus on research and development of electrophoresis instruments, and created “Liuyi” brand in China. With the enterprise spirits of Truth-seeking, Diligence, Innovation and Excellence, Liuyi Biotech always pursues the high quality products, excellent technology and first class customer service.

What certificates do we have?

Liuyi Biotech has been awarded variety certificates and enterprise qualifications along with its high reputation in industry. It is a ISO 9001 & ISO 13485 cerfified company and some of Liuyi Biotech products have CE certificates. Since 2003, Liuyi Biotech as the only medical device manufacturer in Beijing medical industry has been awarded as “PROMISE-KEEPING ENTERPISE” by Beijing Administration for Industry and Commerce. In 2008, Liuyi Biotech is honored as the famous trademark of Beijing. Liuyi Biotech’s trademark is under the protection of Madrid Protocol in 7 countries including the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Greece, and Zambia in 2005, we have registered our trademark in India and Vietnam as well.


What products do we offer?

The company is a sole building located in Fangshan district in Beijing, with laboratory, office area and warehouse. It has specialized technical team and vigorous sales team as well as expert in life science and biology industry. It offers a complete line of electrophoresis products including horizontal and vertical gel electrophoresis systems, UV transilluminator, imaging systems, and power supplies. Our products have been exported to more than ten countries including America, Brazil, Mexico, India, Africa. Chile, Singapore etc.. We are dedicated to offering our products throughout the world.


Electorphoresis cell (tank/chamber)

Liuyi Biotech has been the leading company to research and develop the electrophoresis cell since 1970.With more than 2000 distributors in China, Liuyi Biotech electrophoresis cell (tank/chamber) occupies the mainly market share in China.Its unique design “casting gel in original position” is the only technique that belongs to Liuyi Biotech, and nowadays this design is widely used by many other companies in China.

Liuyi Biotech has horizontal and vertical gel electrophoresis cell (tank/chamber) for both protein electrophoresis and DNA electrophoresis. The model DYCZ series product is vertical gel electrophoresis cell (tank/chamber), while the model DYCP series product is horizontal gel electrophoresis cell (tank/chamber). Here “Z” comes from Chinese Pinyin “Zhi”for vertical, and “P” is for “Ping” for horizontal. Like model DYCZ-24DN vertical gel electrophoresis cell (tank/chamber) and DYCP-31DN horizontal gel electrophoresis cell (tank/chamber), these are hot sales products.


Electrophoresis power supplies

The power supply supplies power (electricity). The electricity that comes from the power supply flows, in one direction, from one end of the electrophoresis chamber to the other. The cathode and anode of the chamber are what attracts oppositely charged particles. The power supply is an necessary part in electrophoresis experiment. Liuyi Biotech offer different power suppliers according to the specific applications, form super high voltage 5000-1000V, high voltage 1500-5000V, middle high voltage 500-1500V to low voltage below 500V, as well meet the current requirement from high current to low current. The model DYY series product is power supply from Liuyi Biotech. DYY-6C is hot sale product which meets the low and middle voltage application.


UV transilluminator

Liuyi Biotech also has production line for UV transilluminator which can observe, take photos for protein and nucleic acid electrophoresis gel. The model WD 9403A/B/C/E/F/X are UV transilluminator series products. Among them, model WD-9403B is a portable UV transilluminator for observing nucleic acid electrophoresis gel. The model 9403F can observe, take photos for both protein and nucleic acid electrophoresis gel.


Gel Imaging & Analysis system

The model 9413 series product is gel imaging& analysis system for analyzing and researching gels of nucleic acid and protein electrophoresis. With powerful analysis software, you can analyse the images of DNA,RNA, protein gel,thin-layer chromatography etc.. And finally, you can get the peak value of the band, molecular weight or base pair, area, height, position, volume or the total number of the samples.


Since it is established, Liuyi Biotech as a leading and the biggest manufacturer for electrophoresis cell in China, had attended domestic and overseas exhibitions to show our products to the world. We’d like to share our cutting-edge technology and research results, and build an interactive platform with our customers and industrial partners all over the world. We wish to build more closer connection with our customers and learn more from world advanced industrial companies in the future.

Liuyi brand has more than 50 years history in China and the company can provide stable and high-quality products all around the world.Through years’ development, it is worthy of your choice!

For more information about us, please contact us by email sales@ly.com.cn or sales01@ly.com.cn.

Post time: Apr-22-2022