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Electrode assembly for DYCZ-40D

  • DYCZ-24DN Special Wedge Device

    DYCZ-24DN Special Wedge Device

    Special Wedge Frame


    This Special Wedge Frame is for DYCZ-24DN system. Two pieces of special wedge frames as a standard accessory packed in our system.

    DYCZ – 24DN is a mini dual vertical electrophoresis applicable for SDS-PAGE and native-PAGE. This special wedge frame can firmly fix the gel room and avoid leakage.

    A vertical gel method is slightly more complex than its horizontal counterpart. A vertical system utilizes a discontinuous buffer system, where the top chamber contains the cathode and the bottom chamber contains the anode. A thin gel (less than 2 mm) is poured between two glass plates and mounted so that the bottom of the gel is submerged in buffer in one chamber and the top is submerged in buffer in another chamber. When current is applied, a small amount of buffer migrates through the gel from the top chamber to the bottom chamber.

  • DYCZ-40D Electrode Assembly

    DYCZ-40D Electrode Assembly

    Cat.No.: 121-4041

    The electrode assembly is matched with DYCZ-24DN or DYCZ-40D tank. Used to transfer the protein molecule from the gel to membrane like nitrocellulose membrane in the Western Blot experiment.

    Electrode assembly is the important part of DYCZ-40D,which has the capacity to hold two gel holder cassettes for electrophoresis transfer between the parallel electrodes only 4.5 cm apart. The driving force for blotting applications is the voltage applied over the distance between the electrodes. This short 4.5 cm electrode distance allows generation of higher driving forces to produce efficient protein transfers. Other features of DYCZ-40D includes latches on the gel holder cassettes for easy handling purpose, supporting body for transfer (electrode assembly) comprise of red and black color parts and red and black electrodes to ensure proper orientation of the gel during the transfer, and an efficient design which simplifies insertion and removal of the gel holder cassettes from the supporting body for transfer (electrode assembly).