Protein Electrophoresis Equipment DYCZ-MINI4

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DYCZ-MINI4 is a vertical mini gel electrophoresis system designed for fast, simple and rapid protein analysis. It runs both handcast gels and precast gels in different thicknesses, and can up to four precast or handcast polyacrylamide gels. It is durable, versatile, easy to assemble. It includes casting frames and stands, glass plates with permanent bonded gel spacers that simplify gel casting and eliminate leaking during casting.

  • Gel Size (LxW): 83×73 mm (Handcast)86×68 mm (Precast)
  • Comb: 10 wells (Standard)15 wells (Optional)
  • Comb Thickness: 1.0 mm (Standard)0.75, 1.5 mm (Optional)
  • Short Glass Plate: 101×73mm
  • Spacer Glass Plate: 101×82mm
  • Buffer Volume: 2gels:700 ml; 4 gels:1000 ml
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    Dimension (LxWxH) 160×120×180mm
    Gel Size (LxW) 83×73 mm (Handcast)86×68 mm (Precast)
    Comb 10 wells (Standard)15 wells (Optional)
    Comb Thickness 1.0 mm (Standard)0.75, 1.5 mm (Optional)
    Short Glass Plate 101×73mm
    Spacer Glass Plate 101×82mm
    Buffer Volume 2gels:700 ml;4 gels: 1000 ml
    Weight 2.0kg


    For SDS–PAGE, Protein Electrophoresis


    DYCZ-MINI4 runs both handcast gels and precast gels. It is durable, versatile, easy to assemble, and can run up to four precast or handcast polyacrylamide gels. It includes a casting stand and glass plates with permanent bonded gel spacers that simplify gel casting and eliminate leaking during casting.


    •The product parameters, accessories are fully compatible with the main international electrophoresis chamber brands;
    • High pure platinum(≥99.95%) electrodes reach the best performance of conductivity;
    • Leak-free electrophoresis;
    • Special comb design avoid contacting with air during gel casting, to ensure the uniform when gel solidifies;
    • Runs 1–4 mini polyacrylamide gels in 45 min;
    • Ability to run either precast or handcast gels.
    • Exclusive sample-loading guides direct pippet tips into sample wells - no more missing or doubling up samples in a lane.

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