UV Transilluminator WD-9403E

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WD-9403E is a basic device for visualizing fluorescence-stained gels.This model adopted the plastics injection moulding case that make the structure safer and corrosion resistance.It is suitable for observing the running sample of nucleic acid.

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Dimension 340 X 54 X 90mm
Transmission UV Wavelength /
Reflection UV Wavelength 254nm and 365nm
Transmission Area 178×50mm
UV Lamp Power 6W
Weight 0.50kg



WD-9403E is strong and compact with a viewing window. The glass plate of the viewing window is ultra-violet ray intercepting glass, it can protect your eyes. On the top of the apparatus, there is a cylinder for the connector and the filter that are for the digital camera to take the photos. There are some holes in the bottom of the apparatus, which are used for heat elimination. At both top sideling sides of the viewing cabinet, there are built-in light tubes and UV reflected light tubes. The UV reflected light tubes allow you to project either longwave UV at 365nm or shortwave UV at 254nm depending on your needs. It has a dark room and it is designed to minimize UV radiation hazards to the user, it can be used in a daylight room. The application of the electronic ballast in the apparatus makes the apparatus light. The lighting tube will start immediately when you turn on the main power switch without any stroboscopic phenomenon.


For viewing electrophoresis sample of nucleic acid or spilled fluorescent dye during the running.


• Small and compact unit;

• Lightweight durable plastic lamps;

• Portable;

• 2 different wavelengths of UV light available;

• Simple and easy to use.

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