Gel Imaging & Analysis System WD-9413A

Short Description:

WD-9413A is used for analyzing and researching gels of nucleic acid and protein electrophoresis. You can take pictures for the gel under the UV light or the white light and then upload pictures to the computer. With the help of the relevant special analysis software, you can analyse the images of DNA,RNA, protein gel,thin-layer chromatography etc.. And finally, you can get the peak value of the band, molecular weight or base pair, area, height, position, volume or the total number of the samples.

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Dimension 458×445×755mm
Transmission UV Wavelength 302nm
Reflection UV Wavelength 254nm and 365nm
UV Light Transmission Area 252×252mm
Visible Light Transmission Area 260×175mm
36.GEL Imaging & Analysis System WD-9413A (5)
36.GEL Imaging & Analysis System WD-9413A (4)
36.GEL Imaging & Analysis System WD-9413A (3)
36.GEL Imaging & Analysis System WD-9413A (9)


Apply to observe, take photos and analyse testing results of nucleic acid and protein electrophoresis.


• Dark chamber, no need dark room, can be used in all-weather;

• Drawer-mode light box, convenient to use and avoid contamination;

• Real time preview and auto-focus function;

• UV filter: Compatible with EB, Sybr,GoldView etc.fluorescent dye;

• Compatible with various image formats : tif ,jpg, bmp, gif, pcx.

36.GEL Imaging & Analysis System WD-9413A (6)
36.GEL Imaging & Analysis System WD-9413A (7)

System Configuration

• Imported high resolution digital camera;

• Imported professional analysis software;

• High configuration computer;

• High resolution colorful ink-jet printer.

Technical Specification

• Resolution: consistent with the camera;

• Effective pixels: 14.7 million pixels;

• Pixels density: 8 bit;

• Digital zoom: consistent with the camera;

• Optical zoom: consistent with the camera;

• Aperture range: F2.8/F4.5-F8.0;

• The speed of shutter:15-1/4000s;

• Macro automatic focus: consistent with the camera;

• Able to professionally analyse the result of 1D, 2D and AFLP experiments.

Powerful analysis software

• The image processing function;

• 1D analysis function;

• AFLP,RFLP,PCR homologous genetic clustering tree analysis;

• 2D analysis function;

• Clone technology;

• Colony and spot hybridization;

• Data results with MS Excel seamless connection;

• Software can be used for Win98/Me/2000/Windows7/Windows10.

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