Electrophoresis Power Supply DYY-12C

Short Description:

DYY-12C power supply is designed to provide constant voltage, current or power for electrophoresis applications. The power supply operates at the value specified for the constant parameter, with limits for the other parameters. This power supply supports an output of 3000 V, 200 mA, and 200 W, which allows its use for all high-voltage applications, including low-current applications in the microampere range. It is ideal for IEF and DNA sequencing. With 200 W output, the DYY-12C offers enough power to run the most demanding IEF experiments or up to four DNA sequencing cells simultaneously. It has the function of ground leak protection, as well as automatic detection of no-load, over-load, short circuit, rapid resistance change.

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Dimension (LxWxH)

303 x 364 x 137mm

Output Voltage


Output Current


Output Power


Output Terminal

pairs in parallel





For series of electrophoresis, including DNA sequencing analysis, isoelectric focusing electrophoresis etc.


• Micro-computer processor intelligent control;

• Able to adjust parameters in real time under the working condition;

• LCD screen displays all run parameters at once

• With stand, timing, V-hr, step-by-step operation function;

• With automatic memory function, able to store the operation parameters (9 groups with 9 programs can be stored);

• Able to work with constant voltage, constant current, constant power and automatically switch program according to the pre-set parameters for different needs;

• Protection and warning function for unloaded, overload, sudden-load change, electric leakage.

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