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Beijing Liuyi Biotechnology can offer you one-stop service for protein electrophoresis. Protein electrophoresis is a technique used to separate proteins based on their size and charge using an electric field. The turnkey solution for protein electrophoresis contains vertical electrophoresis apparatus,  power supply and gel documentation system designed and manufactured by Liuyi Biotechnology. The vertical electrophoresis tank with power supply can cast and run the gel, and the gel documentation system to observe the gel.

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Specification for Protein Electrophoresis Chamber



Gel size(L*W)mm

Buffer Volume ml

No.of gels



Protein Electrophoresis Cell































83*73 (Handcast)

86*68 (Precast)

2 gels:700

4 gels: 1000


Specification for Electrophoresis Power Supply

Model DYY-6C DYY-6D DYY-8C DYY-10C
 Volts 6-600V 6-600V 5-600V 10-3000V
Current 4-400mA 4-600mA 2-200mA 3-300mA
Power 240W 1-300W 120W 5-200W
Type of output Constant voltage /constant current Constant voltage /constant current/constant power Constant voltage /constant current Constant voltage /constant current/constant power
Display LCD Screen LCD Screen LCD Screen LCD Screen
Number of output jacks 4 sets in parallel 4 sets in parallel 2 sets in parallel 2 sets in parallel
Memory Function
Step 3 steps 9 steps
Volt-hour Control
Pause/resume function 1 group 10 groups 1 group 10 groups
Automatic recovery after power failure
Low current mantain
Stable state Indicate
Overload  detection
Short-circuit  detection
No-load  detection
Ground leak  detection
Dimensions (L x W x H) 315×290×128 246×360×80 315×290×128 303×364×137
Weight (kg) 5 3.2 5 7.5


Electrophoresis chamber and Electrophoresis Power Supply


The gel electrophoresis units from Beijing Liuyi Biotechnology Electrophoresis tank manufacture are high quality, but economical cost and easy maintenance. There are adjustable leveling feet, removable electrodes and auto-switch-off lids designed for all of the electrophoresis. A safety stop that prevents the gel from running when the lid is not securely fitted.

Liuyi Biotechnology Electrophoresis produces various model of protein electrophoresis chambers for separate proteins. Among these product, DYCZ-24DN is a mini vertical chamber, and it need only 400ml buffer solution to do experiment. DYCZ-25E can run 1-4 gels. The MINI series are newly launched product, which are compatible with the main international electrophoresis chamber brands. Above we have a specification contrast table to guide our customers to choose a proper chamber.

The listed electrophoresis power supplies in the above table are recommended power supply which can supply power for the protein chamber.  Model DYY-6C is one of our hot sales model. DYY-10C is a high volt power supply.

The entire electrophoresis system includes a unit of electrophoresis tank (chamber)and a unit of electrophoresis power supply.All the electrophoresis chmbers are Injection molded transparent with transparent lid, and contain glass plate and notched glass plate, with combs and gel casting devices.

Observe, Take photos, Analysis the gel


A gel document imaging system is used to visualize and record the results of such experiments for further analysis and documentation.The gel document imaging system model WD-9413B manufactured by Beijing Liuyi Biotechnology is hot-sales for observing, taking photos and and analyzing testing results for nucleic acid and protein electrophoresis gels.

This black-box type system with 302nm wavelength is available in all weather. There are two reflection UV Wavelength 254nm and 365nm for this gel document imaging system economic type for Lab. The observation area can reach to 252X252mm. This model of gel document imaging system for lab use for gel band observation is deserve your choice.

Dimension (WxDxH)


Transmission UV Wavelength


Reflection UV Wavelength

254nm and 365nm

UV Light Transmission Area


Visible Light Transmission Area



Protein electrophoresis is a technique used to separate proteins based on their size, charge, and other physical properties. It is a powerful tool in biochemistry and molecular biology, with numerous applications in both research and clinical settings. Such as protein analysis, protein purification, disease diagnosis, forensic analysis, and quality control.


•Made of high quality transparent polycarbonate, exquisite and durable, easy for observation;

•Economic low gel and buffer volumes;

•Clear plastic construction for sample visualization;

•Leak free electrophoresis and gel casting;

•Adopt the unique casting gel method “casting gel in original position”, which is designed by Beijing Liuyi Biotechnology researcher.


Q1: What is a protein electrophoresis tank?
A: A protein electrophoresis tank is a laboratory equipment used to separate proteins based on their charge and size using an electric field. It typically consists of a buffer-filled chamber with two electrodes, and a gel support platform where a gel with protein samples is placed.

Q2: What types of electrophoresis tanks are available?
A: There are two main types of electrophoresis tanks: vertical and horizontal. Vertical tanks are used for separating proteins based on their size and are commonly used for SDS-PAGE, while horizontal tanks are used for separating proteins based on their charge and are commonly used for native-PAGE and isoelectric focusing.

Q3: What is the difference between SDS-PAGE and native-PAGE?
A: SDS-PAGE is a type of electrophoresis that separates proteins based on their size, while native-PAGE separates proteins based on their charge and three-dimensional structure.
Q4: How long should I run the electrophoresis for?
A: The duration of electrophoresis depends on the type of electrophoresis being performed and the size of the protein being separated. Typically, SDS-PAGE is run for 1-2 hours, while native-PAGE and isoelectric focusing can take several hours to overnight.

Q5: How do I visualize the separated proteins?
A: After electrophoresis, the gel is typically stained with a protein stain such as Coomassie Blue or silver stain. Alternatively, the proteins can be transferred onto a membrane for Western blotting or other downstream applications.

Q6: How do I maintain the electrophoresis tank?
A: The tank should be cleaned thoroughly after each use to prevent contamination. The electrodes should be inspected regularly for signs of corrosion or damage, and the buffer should be replaced regularly to ensure optimal performance.

Q7: What is the gel size of DYCZ-24DN?
A: The DYCZ-24DN can cast gel size 83X73mm with thickness of 1.5mm, and 0.75 thickness is optional.

Q8:How to ensure product quality and after-sales service?
We have CE, ISO quality certificate.
After-sale service:
1.Warranty : 1 year
2.We supply free part for quality problem in warranty
3.Long life technical support and service

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