Horizontal Agarose Gel Electrophoresis System

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Electrophoresis is a laboratory technique that uses electrical current to separate DNA, RNA or proteins based on their physical properties such as size and charge. DYCP-31DN is a horizontal electrophoresis cell for separating DNA for the researchers. Normally, the researchers use agarose to cast gels, which is easy to cast, has relatively fewer charged groups, and is particularly suitable for separating DNA of size range. So when people talk about agarose gel electrophoresis that is an easy and efficient method to separate, identify, and purify the DNA molecules, and need the equipment for agarose gel electrophoresis, we recommend our DYCP-31DN, with the power supply DYY-6C, this combination is your best choice for DNA separation experiments.

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Technical Specification For DYCP-31DN
Dimension (LxWxH) 310×150×120mm
Gel Size (LxW) 60×60mm60×120mm



Comb 2+3 wells (2.0mm)6+13 wells, 8+18 wells

11+25 wells

Comb Thickness 1.0mm, 1.5mm and 2.0mm
Number of Samples 2-100
Buffer Volume 650 ml
Weight 1.0kg
Technical Specification for DYY-6C
Dimension (LxWxH) 315 x 290x 128mm
Output Voltage 6-600V
Output Current 4-400mA
Output Power 240W
Output Terminal 4 pairs in parallel
Weight 5.0kg


DYCP-31DN is used for identifying, separating, preparing DNA, and measuring the molecular weight. It is made of high quality polycarbonate that is exquisite and durable. It is easy to observe gel through the transparent tank. Its power source will be switched off when user opens the lid. This special lid design avoids making mistakes. The system equips a removable electrode that is easy to maintain and clean. Its black and fluorescent band on the gel tray makes it convenient to add the samples and observe the gel. With the different sizes of the gel tray, it can make four different sizes of gel.

DYY-6C is a power supply designed for electrophoresis to create the electrical current to power DNA/RNA separations, PAGE electrophoresis and transferring to membrane. DYY-6C supports an output of 400V, 400mA, and 240W. Its LCD can show the voltage, current, power and timing time at the same time. It can work in the constant state of voltage, or in the constant state of electric current, and converted automatically according to the pre-assigned parameters for different needs.



The DYCP-31DN with the power supply DYY-6C is used to identify, separate, prepare DNA, and measure its molecular weight in biochemistry, molecular biology, genetics, and clinical chemistry .The researchers have been able to apply it to wide range of studies, such as genomic extraction and analysis, a range of diagnostic tests and so on for academic and clinical applications.


The DYCP-31DN is made of high quality transparent materials, with delicate appearance, which is widely accepted by our customers. It has following features:
• The lids and the main tank bodies (buffer tanks) are transparent, molded, exquisite, durable, good seal, no chemical pollution; chemical-resistant, pressure-resistant;
• Has 4 different sizes of gel tray;
• Electrodes are made by pure platinum (the purity quotient of the noble metal ≥99.95%), which have the features of corrosion resistance of electroanalysis and withstand high temperature, the function of electric conduction is very good;
• Auto-switch-off when the lid is opened;
• Removable electrodes;
• Different wells of comb are available;
• It has black band on the gel tray;
• Can run two pieces of gel at the same time;
• One gel casting base can cast different sizes of gel.

The DYY-6C as our hot sale power supply has stable voltage and current. The followings are its unique features:
• Micro-computer processor intelligent control;
• Able to adjust parameters in real time under the working condition;
• Large-screen LCD displays voltage, current, power and timing time at the same time.
• Voltage, current and power closed-loop control, realizing adjustment during operation.
• With recovery function.
• After reaching the set time, it has the function of maintaining small current.
• Perfect protection and early warning function.
• With memory storage function.
• One machine with multiple slots, four parallel outputs.

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