Applications of Electrophoresis Technology in Advancing Agricultural Research

In agricultural research, electrophoresis technology finds widespread applications in several areas. Beijing Liuyi Biotechnology committed to research and develop electrophoresis for agricultural development. The major applications of electrophoresis technology is followings:

DNA Analysis and Genetic Research: Electrophoresis is used to separate and analyze DNA, aiding in the study of genetic information in crops and livestock. It helps detect gene mutations, genetic polymorphism, providing crucial insights for breeding and genetic improvement.

Protein Research: Electrophoresis is extensively employed for protein separation and analysis. In agricultural research, it can be utilized to study protein expression variations in crops under different growth stages or environmental conditions, shedding light on growth, development, and stress resistance mechanisms.


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Pathogen Detection: Electrophoresis is valuable for detecting pathogens in crops, including viruses, bacteria, and fungi. Early detection and control of diseases spreading in fields are crucial for crop protection.

Pesticide Residue Detection: Electrophoresis can be employed to detect pesticide residues in agricultural products, ensuring the safety of the produce and safeguarding human health.

Soil Pollution Studies: Electrophoresis technology can be used to investigate soil pollution, including the detection and analysis of harmful substances like heavy metals.

In summary, the application of electrophoresis technology in agricultural research contribute to a deeper understanding of genetic characteristics, physiological processes, and environmental impacts on plants and animals. This, in turn, provides essential experimental tools for improving agricultural productivity and safeguarding the ecological environment.


Beijing Liuyi Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (formerly Beijing Liuyi Instrument Factory) was founded in 1970. It is a technology enterprise specializing in the production of biochemistry and molecular biology laboratory analytical instruments.Liuyi has specialized in manufacturing electrophoresis instruments for more than 50 years, and it has reliable and complete production line from design to inspection, and warehouse, as well as marketing support. The main products are Electrophoresis Cell (tank/chamber), Electrophoresis Power Supply, Blue LED Transilluminator, UV Transilluminator, Gel Image & Analysis System etc.


The company researches and develops various models of electrophoresis products to apply in agricultural industry, such as electrophpresis system for seed quality test, DNA and protein separation and so on. The model DYCZ -30C is for seed protein testing; The DYCZ-20C or DYCZ-20G is for seed DNA testing. The whole system is equipped with PCR WD-9402D, power supply DYY-10C, or DYY-6C.  

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Post time: Jan-16-2024