DYCP-31DN Comb 13/6 wells (1.0mm)

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Comb 13/6 wells (1.0mm)

Cat. No.: 141-3145

1.0mm thickness, with 13/6 wells, for use with DYCP-31DN system.

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DYCP-31DN system is a horizontal electrophoresis system.In horizontal gel electrophoresis, a gel is cast in a horizontal orientation and submerged in running buffer within the gel box. The gel box is divided into two compartments, with agarose gel separating the two. As previously stated, an anode is located at one end, while a cathode is located at the other. The ionic running buffer allows for a charge gradient to be created when a current is applied. In addition, the buffer serves to cool the gel, which heats up as a charge is applied. The running buffer is often recirculated to prevent a pH gradient from forming. We have different size of combs to use.The different combs make this horizontal electrophoresis system ideal for any agarose gel application including submarine electrophoresis, for rapid electrophoresis with small quantity samples, DNA , submarine electrophoresis, for identifying, separating and preparing DNA, and for measuring the molecular weight.

During the electrophoresis, a gel is formed in a casting tray. The tray contains small "wells" that hold the particles you wish to test. Several microliters (µL) of the solution containing the particles you wish to test are carefully loaded into the wells. Then, a buffer, which conducts electrical current, is poured into the electrophoresis chamber. Next, the casting tray, containing the particles, is carefully placed into the chamber and immersed in the buffer. Finally, the chamber is closed and the power source is turned on. The anode and cathode, created by the electric current, attract the oppositely charged particles. The particles slowly move in the gel toward the opposite charge. The power is turned off, and the gel is taken out and inspected.

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