DYCP-31DN Comb 18/8 wells (1.0mm)

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Comb 18/8 wells (1.0mm)

Cat. No.: 141-3146

1.0mm thickness, with 18/8 wells, for use with DYCP-31DN system.

DYCP-31DN system is a horizontal gel electrophoresis system. It is for separation and identification of DNA and RNA fragments, PCR products. With external gel caster and gel tray, the gel making process is easier.The electrodes made of pure platinum with good conductive are easy to remove, simplifying cleaning. Its clear plastic construction for easy sample visualization.With different sizes of gel tray, DYCP-31DN can make four different sizes of gels. Different sizes of gels meet your different experiment requirements. It also has different types of comb for you use.

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