DYCZ-24DN Gel Casting Device

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Gel Casting Device


This Gel Casting Device is for DYCZ-24DN system.

Gel electrophoresis can be conducted in either a horizontal or vertical orientation. Vertical gels are generally composed of an acrylamide matrix. Pore sizes of these gels depend on the concentration of chemical components: agarose gel pores (100 to 500 nm diameter) are larger and less uniform compared to that of acrylamide gelpores (10 to 200 nm in diameter). Comparatively, DNA and RNA molecules are larger than a linear strand of protein, which are often denatured prior to, or during this process, making them easier to analyze. Thus, proteins are run on acrylamide gels (vertically).DYCZ – 24DN is a mini dual vertical electrophoresis applicable for SDS-PAGE and native-PAGE. It has the function of casting gels in original position with our special designed gel casting device.

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