Trans-Blotting Electrophoresis Cell DYCZ–40G

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DYCZ-40G is used for transferring the protein molecule from the gel to membrane like nitrocellulose membrane in the Western Blot experiment. It is made of high quality transparent polycarbonate with platinum electrodes. Its seamless, injection-molded transparent buffer tank prevents leakage and breakage. It can transfer very fast with high efficiency and good effect. It is compatible with the lid and buffer tank of DYCZ-25D tank

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Trans-Blotting Electrophoresis Cell DYCZ–40F (2)


Dimension (LxWxH)


Blotting Area (LxW)


Continuous Working Time

≥24 hours

Buffer Volume





Used to transfer the protein molecule from the gel to membrane like Nitrocellulose membrane in the Western Blot experiment. Compatible with DYCZ-25Dtank.

Trans-Blotting Electrophoresis Cell DYCZ–40F (3)
Trans-Blotting Electrophoresis Cell DYCZ–40F (1)


• Electrodes are made by pure platinum(the purity quotient of the noble metal ≥99.95%) which have the features of corrosion resistance of electroanalysis and withstand high temperature, it is easy to clean, maintain and to be changed;

• The supporting body for transfer (electrode assembly) is made by macromolecule engineering plastics, the intensity of corrosion resistance is high; Gel holder cassette is made by polycarbonate: high breaking strength, chemical-resistant, pressure-resistant, high-temperature cell (tank), etc.

• Compatible with the lid and the buffer tank of DYCZ-25D.

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