Liuyi Protein Blotting System

Protein Blotting

Protein blotting, also called western blotting, the transfer of proteins to solid-phase membrane supports, is a powerful and popular technique for the visualization and identification of proteins.


Generally, the protein blotting workflow involves selection of the appropriate method, apparatus, membrane,buffer, and transfer conditions. Once protein are immobilized on a membrane, they are available for visualization, detection, and analysis.

Liuyi Biotechnology offers different sizes of vertical electrophoresis system which can meet your experiment requirements. Some of Liuyi’s vertical electrophoresis cells ( tanks/chambers) are compatible with our electrode assembly for transferring the protein molecule from gel to membrane in western blotting experiment. The vertical electrophoresis system model DYCZ-24DN, DYCZ-25D and DYCZ-25E are compatible with the tank transfer system model DYCZ-40D, DYCZ-40G and DYCZ-40F. The major differences about these tanks are tank size for buffer volume, and casting gel size. The vertical electrophoresis system model DYCZ-25D has heat dissipation design for better cooling during running gels.


Blotting Method

There are a variety of methods for transfer, but the most popular method is electrophoretic transfer, because it is faster and more effective than other methods. There are three ways that can transfer protein from SDS-PAGE or gel to membrane: tank transfer, semi-dry transfer and dry transfer. Beijing liuyi Biotechnology has products for tank transfer, semi-dry transfer, and let us know more details about tank transfer and semi-dry transfer.

Tank transfer systems — gels and membranes are submerged in transfer buffer in tanks; these systems are useful for most routine protein work, for efficient and quantitative protein transfers, and for transfers of proteins of all sizes. Tank transfer systems offer the most flexibility in choosing voltage settings, blotting times, and cooling options.

Semi-dry systems — gels and membranes are sandwiched between buffer-saturated filter papers that are in direct contact with plate electrodes; these systems are typically easier to set up than tank systems and are useful when high-throughput is necessary and extended transfer times are not required, or when discontinuous buffer systems are used. Active cooling options are limited with semi-dry blotting.



Beijing Liuyi Biotechnology can provide tank transfer systems and semi-dry systems for you choose. The model DYCZ-40D, DYCZ-40F, and DYCZ-40G are our tank transfer systems; the model DYCP-40C and DYCP-40E are semi-dry systems.

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Post time: Apr-08-2022