DYCP-31DN Comb 13/6 wells (1.5mm)

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Comb 13/6 wells (1.5mm)

Cat. No.: 141-3141

1.5mm thickness, with 13/6 wells, for use with DYCP-31DN system.

The DYCP-31DN system is used to identify, isolate and prepare DNA and to measure molecular weight. It is made of high quality polycarbonate and is delicate and durable. When the user opens the lid it is powered off and the gel is easily viewed through the transparent jar. the DYCP-31DN system is available with different comb sizes. The different combs make this horizontal electrophoresis system ideal for any agarose gel application, including subsea electrophoresis for rapid electrophoresis of small amounts of sample, DNA, subsea electrophoresis for identification, isolation and preparation of DNA, and measurement of molecular weight.

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